A complete guide to Arctic wildlife.

A complete guide to Arctic wildlife. Richard Sale.
A complete guide to Arctic wildlife.

London: Christopher Helm/A & C Black, 2006. Octavo, laminated boards, colour photographs, maps.

The Arctic Circle contains some of the most spectacular places on earth, including rivers of ice, taiga forests, bleak tundras, and vast regions of pack ice. Despite its harsh climate, the Arctic is home to a surprisingly rich fauna, ranging from tiny insects and crustaceans to a wealth of birds such as Ptarmigan, Snowy Owl, Gyrfalcon and a host of breeding waders, and from a diverse assemblage of small mammals like voles and hares to giants such as Walrus, Narwhal and Bowhead Whale. The complete guide to Arctic wildlife is the first comprehensive biography of this region. Illustrated throughout with the amazing photography of author Richard Sale and polar expert Per Michelson, it contains in-depth sections on the geology and geography of the area, climate, ecology, species diversity and biogeography, a review of the peoples of the Arctic, and a discussion of the impact of human activity on this fragile environment. The rest of the book contains a detailed field guide covering the birds and mammals of the region, with sections on identification, confusion species, diet, breeding biology, taxonomy and distribution, illustrated with range maps and glorious photography., This breathtaking book will enchant everyone who loves wild places, and will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the polar north.

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