A practical guide for feeding captive reptiles.

A practical guide for feeding captive reptiles. Fredric L. Frye.

Melbourne FL: Krieger Publishing Company, (1996. reprint). Octavo, publisher's cloth,

WAS $50. In this guide, ready sources on alternatives for many dietary items for the feeding of captive reptiles are discussed in detail. In the case of invertebrate prey, practical methods for their culture are provided. Throughout the manual, certain diagnostic methods and treatments are mentioned; and although the purpose of this guide is to provide the correct diets for a variety of captive reptiles, it is not intended as a do-it-yourself veterinary manual for non-veterinarians. Species lists, cross-indexed both by common name and scientific name are included, as well as an appendix, glossary, bibliography, an index by name, and a general subject index.

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