Flora of Australia, volume 56A. Lichens [part four].

Flora of Australia, volume 56A. Lichens [part four]. Patrick M. McCarthy, Katy Mallett.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing/ABRS, 2004. Octavo, illustrations, softcover.

Covers some of the most spectacular and ecologically significant Australian lichens. This volume provides treatments of Pertusaria and Lecanora, two of the most species-rich crustose genera on rock and bark in Australia. Also included here is Usnea, a genus of robust and often luxuriant lichens ranging from almost rigid tufts on exposed, alpine rocks to metre-long skeins hanging from the canopies of temperate rainforest trees. Complete or partial accounts of nine families are provided in Volume 56A, including 17 genera and 287 species and infra-specific taxa. This brings to 1168 the number of Australian lichen species and infra-specific taxa treated in the four volumes published so far.

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