Butterflies: ecology and evolution taking flight.

Butterflies: ecology and evolution taking flight. Carol L. Boggs.

Chicago: University of Chicago, 2003. Octavo, colour photographs, text illustrations, softcover.

In Butterflies: ecology and evolution taking flight, the world's leading experts synthesize current knowledge of butterflies to show how the study of these fascinating creatures as model systems can lead to deeper understanding of ecological and evolutionary patterns and processes in general. The twenty-six chapters are organized into broad functional areas, covering the uses of butterflies in the study of behavior, ecology, genetics and evolution, systematics, and conservation biology. Especially in the context of the current biodiversity crisis, this book shows how results found with butterflies can help us understand large, rapid changes in the world we share with them--for example, geographic distributions of some butterflies have begun to shift in response to global warming. Also available in hardcover.

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