The butterflies of Hong Kong.

The butterflies of Hong Kong. M. J. Bascombe.
The butterflies of Hong Kong.
The butterflies of Hong Kong.

San Diego: Academic Press, 1999. Quarto, colour photographs, text illustrations, fine copy in dustwrapper.

A comprehensive work covering the 219 species in five families that have been described from Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has a marvellously rich and diverse butterfly fauna, all contained in a relatively small area which can be seen and enjoyed within a day's outing from the central city area. An important part of the southern Chinese region, it is home to a significant proportion of the butterfly species of that part of the world. Some 219 species in five families and seventeen subfamilies are considered part of the fauna and all are described in this encyclopaedic reference. Keys, full colour plates and line drawings of genitalia enable identification of virtually any adult specimen that may be found. In addition there are colour plates of the immature stages of 166 species. A full text describes the biology, morphology and distribution of each species.
Introductory sections deal with butterfly biology in general with special reference to the Hong Kong fauna and the habitats found in the region. Closing chapters detail commonly used nectar sources, known parasitoids and hints on rearing the immature stages to adults, still a critical means of identifying many larvae.
Was $495. Throughout the book the emphasis is on the study of live animals, rather than collecting for its own sake. Filling study cabinets with pinned specimens can only be a part of the modern study of butterflies, and the authors are strong advocates of development of our understanding of butterflies in the field and the growth of our knowledge of their biology, ecology and conservation.

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