Starlings and mynas.

Starlings and mynas. Chris Feare, Adrian Craig.
Starlings and mynas.

London: Helm, 1998. Octavo, dustwrapper, 32 colour plates by Barry Croucher, Chris Shields and Kamol Komolphalin, 115 colour maps.

The starling family contains some of the world's most successful, and some of the world's rarest, birds. Starlings and Mynas is the first comprehensive, one-volume guide to all 114 members of the family. Every species is described and illustrated, along with many distinctive subspecies. The authors have also taken the opportunity to re-examine starling classification in the light of up-to-date knowledge of the birds' ecology and behaviour.

Introductory chapters outline the approach taken to the family, and give brief accounts of the birds' distribution, behaviour, ecology, breeding, moult and interactions with man. The species accounts cover all aspects of identification, together with a description of the species' ecology and behaviour. The 32 colour plates and distribution maps complete this ground-breaking study of this fascinating group of birds.

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