On rare birds.

Albus, Anita.

Sydney: UNSW Press, 2011.
Octavo, dustwrapper, 276 pp. colour and black and white illustrations.

In this illustrated book, Anita Albus recounts the sad histories of several extinct bird species, including the Passenger pigeon, the Carolina parakeet, and the Great auk. She gives a detailed account of six rare birds: the Hermit ibis, the elusive Corncrake, the Eurasian nightjar, the Barn owl, the Northern hawk owl and the Kingfisher. She also considers such unique birds as the Laughing kookaburra, Australia's famous native kingfisher. Combining natural history and investigative reporting, the book weaves in mythological and cultural material, and, most of all, tells a compelling story. Originally written in German in 2005.

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