Ten commitments revisited

Ten Commitments Revisited

Securing Australia's Future Environment

In this follow up to the highly successful book Ten commitments: reshaping the lucky country's environment (now out of print), Australia's leading environmental thinkers have written provocative chapters on what must be done to tackle Australia's environmental problems, in terms of policies, onground actions and research.

Chapters are grouped into ecosystems, sectors and cross-cutting themes. Topics include: deserts, rangelands, temperate eucalypt woodlands, tropical savanna landscapes, urban settlements, forestry management, tropical and temperate marine ecosystems, tropical rainforests, alpine ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, coasts, islands, soils, fisheries, agriculture, mining, grazing, tourism, industry and manufacturing, protected areas, Indigenous land and sea management, climate change, water, biodiversity, population, human health, fire, energy and more.

This is a must read for politicians, policy makers, decision makers, practitioners and others with an interest in Australia's environment.

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