Bugs in close-up.Bugs in close-up.

Colin Hutton

This amazing collection of macro photographs illustrates a range of insects and their behaviours.

Macro photography brings the world of bugs to life! These creatures are all around us, yet too diminutive to be observed by the human eye. The extreme photographic close-ups featured in this book, illustrate a hidden fauna of alien-looking critters from around the world.

Covers a range of insects and their behaviours including assassin bugs, rhinoceros beetles, insect swarms and societies (army ants, bees and so on), inter-species relationships (ants 'farming' caterpillars), and giants of the bug world (beetles, stick insects and the like). The incredible photography is supported by informative, extended captions detailing the subjects and, in some cases, how the images were taken.

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Summer 2014

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A Naturalist's Miscellany, No. 9

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